We are proud to be able to say that Thompson Hardwoods has been a most integral part of our business for over 20 years. With Thompson Hardwoods as one of our suppliers of southern red oak, white oak, and ash, it allowed our company to progress globally, knowing we had the quality lumber our customers would appreciate and the solid background support of the entire staff at Thompson Hardwoods.


Our relationship has developed from humble beginnings to where it is now based on the dedicated sales staff, headed by John Stevenson, and the personal ‘hands on’ approach that has ensued over the years.

We are excited to be a part of the ‘Thompson Hardwoods Family’, and look forward to many years of continued success together.


Lo Brothers and Associates, Inc.                                                            

We started purchasing from Thompson Hardwoods twelve years ago in 2009. Our relationship has grown from the usual customer vendor connection to a loyal partnership. Thompson strives to meet or exceed customer needs and welcomes the opportunity to deliver when other cannot meet the challenge. Our first call is always to Thompson.


Joe Paskoski
Fl Cypress & Fence Co.

For over twenty years we have considered Thompson Hardwoods one of our key suppliers. I think I can best describe our working relationship as mutually beneficial - John rightfully works for the bottom line of Thompson, but that doesn't mean when presented with viable business, he doesn’t listen to, and consider what we have to say.


As Thompson has grown, they have become a national powerhouse in terms of hardwood lumber production. Buying 20+ loads of an item they produce is something they can easily accomplish. If volume buying is what you need, Thompson can deliver.


Perhaps the most noted attribute of our partnership with Thompson Hardwoods is the incredibly high degree of honesty in our dealings. Never, in literally thousands of containers purchased, has there ever been a time when we felt we were not treated fairly. If there has ever been a difference in opinion, it has been resolved quickly and amicably.

We value our partnership with Thompson Hardwoods and look forward to continuing to grow the relationship profitably for both of our companies in years to come.


CK International, LLC