Lumber Sawmills

The lumber sawmill of Thompson Hardwoods Inc.

Thompson Hardwoods - Top 10 Largest Lumber Sawmill in the U.S.A.

Thompson Hardwoods is one of the top 10 largest lumber sawmills in the United States. Combined with a management team possessing over 3 decades of experience, Thompson Hardwoods continually exceeds and surpasses the needs and expectations of its customers. By controlling the raw material supply, Thompson Hardwoods can guarantee a variety of quality products delivered in a timely manner.

Thompson Hardwoods is one of the nation’s largest lumber sawmills.

Thompson Hardwood uses the National Hardwood Lumber Association’s (NHLA) grade rules when grading the hardwood located at its sawmill. By providing quality service with a knowledgeable and experienced team, Thompson Hardwoods can deliver the following products and services: