Hardwood Lumber

Thompson Hardwoods provides a variety of hardwood lumber species.

Thompson Hardwoods - manufacturer of hardwood lumber since 1957

Thompson Hardwoods Inc. has grown to become one of the U.S.A.’s largest producers of kiln dried southern hardwood lumber. Additionally, Thompson Hardwoods Inc. also manufactures quality cypress lumber and other wood products for a global customer base. In addition to southern hardwoods, Thompson Hardwoods also provides a variety of other species:

  • Ash Lumber
  • Cypress Lumber
  • Hickory / Pecan Lumber
  • Poplar Lumber
  • Red Oak Lumber
  • Soft Maple Lumber
  • Tupelo (a.k.a. Black Gum) Lumber
  • White Oak Lumber

Thompson Hardwoods also specializes in domestic and export hardwood chips, and has been for decades. Due to the strict adherence of the National Hardwood Lumber Association’s grade rules, a consistent language is provided to the buyer and seller for conducting hardwood lumber transactions.