Southern Hardwood and Cypress Products

Manufacturers of quality Southern Hardwood and Cypress Products from America's only renewable Natural Resources Since 1957

Hardwood Sawmill and Lumber Manufacturer

Thompson Hardwoods, Inc. is one of Georgia's largest hardwood sawmills and lumber manufacturers

Ash, Cypress, Hickory, Poplar, Red Oack, White Oa, Soft Maple, and Tupelo Lumber

Thompson Hardwoods, Inc. is a manufacture for southern hardwood including Ash, Cypress, Hickory, Poplar, Red Oak, White Oak, Soft Maple and Tupelo lumber

Southern Hardwood and Cypress Saw Logs

The Thompson Hardwoods, Inc. sawmill can process Southern Hardwood and Cypress saw logs

Lumber Preparation including Kiln Dried Lumber and Lumber Stock

We can provide export lumber preparation, kiln dried lumber grade & width sorting as well as custom pallet lumber stock

Railroad Switch Ties and Crane Mat Timbers

Our sawmill has the capability to handle various sizes of switch ties, crane mat timbers and pallet cants

Thompson Hardwoods is a Hardwood supplier offering shipping around the world

Thompson Hardwoods, Inc. services include kiln dried lumber grade & sorting; container, rail & flatbed shipping; and millwork, architectural oak & timbers

White Oak, Ash, and Poplar Lumber Products including Cypress Mulch

We stand behind every shipment, from the finest kiln-dried Red and White Oak, Ash, and Popular lumber products to the smallest Cypress mulch product

Railroad Crossties and Crane Mat Timbers

You can count on Thompson Hardwoods, Inc. for railroad crossties, railroad switch ties, crane mat timbers, domestic hardwood, hardwood mulch, and cypress mulch

Hardwood Lumber Supplier and Lumber Sawmills

All Kiln Dried Lumber packages are compressed and strapped to ensure package stability and protection while in transit

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Lumber Sawmills

Thompson Hardwoods Inc. line of products include hardwood mats, hardwood grade lumber, crossties, and pallet lumber.

Thompson Hardwoods - Top 10 Largest Lumber Sawmill in the U.S.A.

Thompson Hardwoods is one of the top 10 largest lumber sawmills in the United States. Combined with a management team possessing over 3 decades of experience, Thompson Hardwoods continually exceeds and surpasses the needs and expectations of its customers. By controlling the raw material supply, Thompson Hardwoods can guarantee a variety of quality products delivered in a timely manner.

Thompson Hardwoods is one of the nation’s largest lumber sawmills.

Thompson Hardwood uses the National Hardwood Lumber Association’s (NHLA) grade rules when grading the hardwood located at its sawmill. By providing quality service with a knowledgeable and experienced team, Thompson Hardwoods can deliver the following products and services:

  • Export lumber package and preparation
  • Lumber Grading & Width Sorting
  • Millwork, Paneling Patterns & Surfacing
  • Container, Rail & Domestic Flatbed Shipping
  • Custom Pallet Stock Lumber Stock
  • Custom Architectural Oak & Cypress Timbers
  • AAR untreated green Cross Ties and Switch Tie Grades
  • Domestic & Export Hardwood & Pine Pulp Chipping

Hardwood Suppliers

Thompson Hardwoods is one of the country’s largest hardwood suppliers

Thompson Hardwoods – One of Georgia’s Largest Hardwood Suppliers

As one of Georgia’s largest hardwood suppliers, Thompson Hardwoods understands the importance of supplying quality hardwoods to its loyal customers. Thompson Hardwoods has been manufacturing Southern hardwood and cypress lumber since its inception in 1957. They are also a supplier of various other hard and soft woods including (but not limited to) the following:

Thompson Hardwoods combines a superior a product with an experienced management and supervising team which has over 30 years of hardwood supplying experience. From the smallest hardwood chip and Cypress mulch product to the largest of orders, Thompson Hardwoods stands behind each and every one of its shipments.

A vast selection of hardwoods from one of Georgia’s largest hardwood suppliers – Thompson Hardwoods.